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Concrete Staining Savannah

Aside from stamped concrete, there is another way by which you can upgrade the look of your property, and that is concrete staining. While stamped concrete plays with textures and patterns, concrete staining focuses more on the color of concrete. Before you even dismiss this as just another concrete painting, we want to shed light on it.

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Concrete staining is different from concrete painting. Concrete staining has a luminous and transparent finish, meanwhile the other has a solid color. This difference happens because the color with concrete staining penetrates through the layer of concrete. Meanwhile the color with concrete painting stays on the surface.

Concrete staining is available in a wide variety of colors. At The Savannah Concrete Company, we allow our clients to choose the color that they prefer for their concrete. Most popular picks include deep colors, earth shades, pastel shade, and neutral colors. Although some do enjoy the liberty to choose on their own, others would much rather get help from our associates. Luckily, our people have sufficient training with design, which enables them to make smart recommendations.

For more information on this type of service, do not hesitate to call our Savannah concrete company at 912-214-3834.